Rodolfo Nieto


    "Rodolfo displays a unique elegance and charm…his beauty as a singing actor goes without saying, but his kindness and professionalism cannot be overstated"

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    Rudy originated the role of ‘Gravitas’ in my musical Paradise Lost, a part I wrote especially for him and his extraordinary suite of talents: a gorgeous voice; superb acting chops (both comedic and dramatic); and an electric stage presence. It is easy to admit that Rudy is one of my all-time favorite performers.

    Eric Whitacre, Composer
  4. Drawing On Everything You've Learned

    Do you know that feeling of looking at the results of your student years and thinking, “What was it all for? What did I learn? How come I’m not where I thought I would be? Didn’t I learn everything I need? Didn’t I pay my due? Did I really make the most of my own education when I had the chance?”

    Maybe you have felt that way and maybe not, but many friends and colleagues of mine have expressed a similar sentiment at one point or another. For me, recognizing that nearing my mid-30s I didn’t have the international, nor even the domestic, opera career that I expected (which is always a dangerous word to use) started that thought process. It was a hard point of reflection that made me look at what I was trying to accomplish and identify the external and internal obstacles. It also made me very hard on myself, criticizing my past behavior and lamenting a wasted youth from which I felt I could draw nothing of note.

    Now, that last thought is a bit melodramatic, but when caught up in the depression of perceived failure every self-condemning thought feels true.

    I have spoken before about how in the past few years I have redirected my efforts to other venues... read more