Rodolfo Nieto


    "Rodolfo displays a unique elegance and charm…his beauty as a singing actor goes without saying, but his kindness and professionalism cannot be overstated"

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  2. Rogue Song


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    Rudy originated the role of ‘Gravitas’ in my musical Paradise Lost, a part I wrote especially for him and his extraordinary suite of talents: a gorgeous voice; superb acting chops (both comedic and dramatic); and an electric stage presence. It is easy to admit that Rudy is one of my all-time favorite performers.

    Eric Whitacre, Composer
  3. Every Person Counts

    As I write this we are approaching our final weekend of 110 in the Shade with Theatre in the Round, and what a blast this production has been! Every member of the cast, crew, and pit orchestra who has made this show what it is, and continues to do so night after night, deserves credit and congratulations for its success. I have rarely worked with such a wonderful team, and I will miss them all dearly when we are finished.

    Walking in on the first day of rehearsals I felt a little bit like the odd one out; it seemed to me that many there knew one another already and had worked together before. Fortunately, everyone was very friendly and welcoming, and we quickly found our camaraderie. However, on that first day I quickly placed the onus on myself to meet, greet, and get to know every single person there. Knowing that we were going to be spending lots of time together I wanted to begin cultivating the familiarity and trust that are so important in any collaboration.

    This is something I have always strived to do wherever I am, from customers and coworkers at the cheese... read more